For me this started by capturing milestone moments in my life and in the lives of people in my spiritual community. When the camera started going everywhere with me, I realized that capturing moments was second nature to me. 

Despite spending a lots of my creative time creating video content with my cinema brand, Aperture Lane, photography is how it all started. As much as I believe that video is the most powerful tool to preserve moments, photography will always have a special place in the human heart.

As a husband, father of twins, and an active member in my community, I understand the thrill of looking through old pictures that remind me of milestones and tender moments from the past.

In addition building a legacy, there is nothing like the feeling of taking a great photo of someone, showing it to them and watching their perspective change about themselves.

It's a beautiful thing to see someone's confidence increase when they see what's possible with good light and appropriate direction.


Photos accent the stories that bring us together

When I’m with my Aperture Lane couples, there’s definitely lots of joking and making light of our situation (especially on a stressful wedding day).

In addition, our couples usually find a way to slide a joke or two into their personal vows and have a light-hearted thank-you speech at the end of the night.

Honestly, if you take yourself too seriously, you might have to  consider another photographer. 

Humour is big for you


You’re looking for a non-scripted documentation of the day.

We capture everything from the rehearsed traditions to the unscripted blunders of the day. During the formal parts of the day, we document as inconspicuously as possible. During the more casual parts of the day, we incorporate ourselves to quietly capture candid moments.

Most times families forget the cameras are around.

You want an authentic feel


Normally you keep things simple. Time at home or chilling with friends keeps you happy. However, when it’s time to get fancy, you clean up nicely! 

In fact, you don’t play games. Your wedding day is one of those days you’re not afraid to show them your shine.

We find most of our Aperture Lane couples opt for an elegant ballroom with a romantic theme. Our creative use of light and shadows while shooting, along with vibrant colours and contrast in the final edit complement that vision very well. 

You're planning an elegant affair


You don’t have to be BFFs but the chemistry of the vendor team on your day is important to you… and rightfully so! You’ll be spending months communicating with these people and your entire day with them. Having a good, honest vibe with the people around you is big.

I find myself meeting with my Aperture Lane couples at least once - whether on video call or in person - to iron out details and to get familiar with their story so my team can be aware of any important dynamics on the wedding day

You value having a connection with your vendors



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Aperture Lane couple

Apart from documenting events and weaving stories together, I'm a passionate educator. This calling to teach has extended, not only to my Aperture Lane brides, but to the Aperture Lane community as a whole.

If you spend time on social media, join me on Wednesday evenings for Wednesday Wisdom by Aperture Lane where I share short videos with tips for planning your wedding photography and videography. 

Season 3 is now live on Aperture Lane's Instagram and Youtube channels.

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