You are unique. Your spouse is one-of-a-kind. So is your combined story. In light of this, each collection is handcrafted, and all the shots included are chosen intentionally to represent you and your story. This allows you to make your story a true legacy.

During the formal portions of the day, we quietly and inconspicuously document. We have a warm and personable approach that allows us to connect with those present, which helps them to be comfortable in front of the lens and ultimately forget of the cameras.

During the creative portions, I enthusiastically collaborate with you and the video team. If you are awkward on camera, don't worry; I gotchu! These creative shots are the result of capturing organic emotional reactions from gentle prompting.

Every image in your resulting gallery is intentionally hand-picked and processed artfully to represent your event in the most organic way possible, while maintaining the elegance you envisioned.

The Aperture Lane Experience:

They went above and well beyond to make sure our memories were captured better than we could have imagined. The day of the engagement shoot was a bit cold, but the way I was attended to made it feel so comfortable and warm. There were so many creative images, and we had so much fun!!! The best of our wedding day was recorded with just the right angles and shots. Even if you're a bit camera shy, Ryan has a way of releasing your inner shine (you know, that gleam in your eye for the one you love) and catching every emotion. What an amazing job. Your patience and efforts are much appreciated and will always be held close to my heart.



Portrait sessions typically allow for more creativity than weddings and events. I will work with you to build a concept that suits your purpose or help you to produce your own vision that you have in mind. This involves planning with you and providing guidance along the way.

During the shoot, I will craft the appropriate light and composition for our shots. Most importantly, I'll be guiding you through poses that are flattering for you and that resonate with you. You don't have to be a supermodel to get great angles in your pictures, but if you are, I'm happy to collaborate our visions!

Your final images will be curated, processed in a fitting manner and lightly retouched, and available for viewing and download from a private online gallery.

Warning! Learning how great you can look in pictures has a side effect of wanting to do more photoshoots!

For videography information, please see the videography site